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Vienna Clock Parts

Antique Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Wall Clock Case Only, Parts / Restoration




Vienna Clock Brass Weight Set of 2 1 1/2” x 3”


Vienna Clock Brass Weight Shells Fancy Perorated Embossed set of 2


Antique Spring Wound Vienna Box Regulator Clock Pendulum Bob & Compensated Rods


Vienna Clock Brass Weight 1 1/2” x 4” Set of 2 


Fancy Embossed Vienna Weight Shells set of 2 Made of Brass


Vienna Clock Weight Brass filled 2 lb.


Vienna Regulator, NIB, made in Germany clock movement with directions, nice


Antique Clock Part Vienna Clock Case Empty Inside For Restoration Spare Repair


Antique Clock Part Vienna Clock Case Empty Inside For Restoration Spare Repair


Vienna Clock Brass Weight Set of 3 1 1/2” x 4”


Antique Gustav Becker 2 Weight Vienna Movement Engraved Dial Weights Pendulum


Vienna Clock Brass Weight Shells Set of 3


Vienna Clock Weight Shells Perorated Embossed set of 3 made of Brass


Antique FMS Mauthe German Vienna Style Wall Clock Movement


Antique Vienna Clock Dial, Two Weight, Original Clock Part




Antique-German-Vienna Regulator-RA-Spring-Clock Movement-Ca.1890-To Restor-#P174


Vienna Clock Weight Brass 4 lbs.


Antique Vienna Regulator Clock Pendulum Bob


Vienna Regulator Clock-Top Crest/Parts-To Restore-#T8


Antique Vienna Clock Pendulum Bob With Engraving


Antique-German-Vienna Regulator-RA-Spring-Clock Movement-Ca.1890-To Restor-#P173


Antique-German-Vienna Regulator-RA-Spring-Clock Movement-Ca.1890-To Restore-#P88


French Vienna Clock Pendulum Hook Set of 12


Vienna Regulator Clock Beat Scale


Antique-Walnut-Vienna Regulator-Weight-Clock Case-Ca.1875-To Restore-#M932


Large Lot- Antique-Weight Vienna Regulator Clock Movements/Parts-Junk-Junk-#M950


Vienna Regulator Clock Brass Pulley Set of 2 for weight driven 1 3/8" diameter


B&W Vienna Clock Mov't with Dial, Chime Rod Assembly, & Mounting Plate #477


Antique-Walnut-Weight-Vienna Regulator Clock Case-Ca.1890-To Restore-#M936


Vienna Clock Brass Weight Set of 3 1 1/2” x 3”


Large Fancy Weight Driven Clock Pulley and Parts to Make More~Vienna Regulator


Vienna Clock Brass Weight Set of 3 1 3/4” x 4 1/2”


Vienna Clock 4 lb Weight Shell insert




clockworks High Quality Time only Vienna works springwould


Antique-2 Wt-Vienna Regulator Clock Movt.-J. Franke-Ca.1890-To Restore-#M546


Pair Fancy Cast Vienna Wall Clock Stabilizers, Lg


Antique Spring Driven Vienna Regulator Movement Enamel Dial Mounting Bracket


Large-Antique-Walnut-Original-Vienna Regulator Clock Crest-Ca.1900-#M924