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Dry Cleaning Equipment

used dry cleaning equipment, (all information in images), pressing machine, 


Used Dry Cleaning Equipment, equipment was working when the business closed.


dry cleaning equipment collar cuff


Lot of Used Dry Cleaning Equipment including Cissell & Hoffman


dry cleaning equipment ajax sleever


2003 Firbimatic Eco 40 Hydrocarbon Dry Clean Machine


Sankosha PS290U


used dry cleaning equipment


Dry Cleaning Equipment Bundled, Shirt Presses, Utility Presses, UniMac washer...


Unimac Washer


Forenta Pants Topper 22BP Equipment Finishing Laundry Dry Clean Unipress


Dry cleaning equipment Ajax Shirt Machine


2009 Unipress Double Buck NT2


Sankosha CF 160 Double Buck 2004


Dry Cleaning Equipment


2006 Fulton Edge 20 HP Fuel Fired Steam Boiler


Unipress double buck shirt presser with steam hose


Fujistar pants press


Sankosha CN-600 Collar/Cuff Press


Union HL890 Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine


Hoffman Hot Head Utility Press


Fujistar Blouse and shirt finishing machine


Unimac 120 Ib Dryer


Ajax Cuff and Collar


Ajax Single Buck Shirt Unit


dry cleaning equipment yamamoto harmony wet cleaning machine




2004 Hurst 25 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler NB#2201


used drycleaning machine




Fujistar tension form finishing machine


Forenta Double Legger


Fujistar Quadruple cuff and collar


Hoffman New Yorker Dry Cleaning Shirt Press HUAB-61R


Unimac 50lb Washing Machine


Unipress Shirt Unit


Forenta Triple Puff Iron


Fujistar Shirt package machine


Unipress Double Buck (Unipress Model: DAYV)